"The Boozer" - the first online bar! The main feature - to Find & Chat with Drinking Buddies online. It includes such features as privacy within the community, the status of the "Desire to Drink" and hang out, built-in chat and video stream. The App may be usefull when you come home after work, lazy sitting & drinking alone, wanna hang out but don't wanna visit a bar or party, to travel lonely, have a cool mood, wanna pick up someone etc. Many people prefer to drink at home then in a pub more and more. They like to have relax at home - frank talks, drink booze, meet & chat online.

What's it and what's it for?

Millions of people worldwide visit bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. We never stop trying to find places where we can relax, have fun, meet someone interesting, have a simply chat with a glass of alcohol, flirt, do some funny business and blow off steam. Today, in the world of hustle and bustle, we have less and less time for rest and relaxation. We work hard, waste time in traffic jams, learn something in courses, read analytics, prepare reports, eat at our desks, run, run, run ... We afraid to be out of time, to lose, to miss, to be late, falling behind, to fail ... And life goes by. For what's the point of live in rush hour traffic whole your life without pampering yourself and having relax? The moment you've chosen the life without rest - you've already lost. So, take it easy and enjoy your life! Launch "The Boozer" and chill out.

Does something like that really exist in the world?

There are different apps includes the functions of chat, video stream, search of the interlocutor, meet the opposite sex, search a boozmate by geolocation to go to /visit or to get the bar/ bar together or something like that. However, concept and function of direct searching a drinking buddy for communication with sms and video chat, implemented inside the app, was not available until today. That's why "The Boozer" is so unique and exclusive.

Who've made this?

This app has created by a team of enthusiasts. The development in-house wasn't easy, it's multifunctional app. It's FREE APP for users, that's our basic principle. Our main goal is to give the world good-quality and usability app, and everyone should like it. We're doing everything ourselves today, use own finances and other means: creating the concept, development it, testing and promotion.

What would we've asked you?

For users: We rely you'll enjoy the app and share it with your friends. Advising bad things to your friends is not an option. So let them try to be able to enjoy it! The more people are in app, the more interesting using it.

For the media representatives & bloggers: We rely on free support or shareware help from bloggers, opinion leaders, celebrities, journalists, editors and owners of different publications and information channels, and other who really enjoy "The Boozer". Remember, it's absolutely free app and we do it ourselves.

Possible bugs and lags.

No one is safe from this, especially at the first stage. Please do us a big favor, in any case of problem, tell us in the special window of the app or sent to [email protected] We promise to fix them in the shortest possible time. We are trying for you, so please support us. Mutual support is the right thing that everyone should do.

And what about AA-struggle?

First we would like to convey our attitude to adherents and organisations, who fights against alcoholism, about how we perceive consuming alcohol. We deeply respect everyone's opinion. We are absolutely negative about alcoholism, alcohol abuse and other such things. We have strong an unconditional believe, that everyone shouldn't drink to mush. The bottom line is not drink to get drunk only! Our motto is "If you wanna drink, do it responsibly!" We don't call for abuses alcohol in any way, or any kind of other deviations in the users' behavior. However, an opportunity to drink at home or public places, like bars, pubs, taverns and others, has accompanied entire history of humanity and will continue to do so. We all remember the alcohol prohibition in US and what it actually brought. Everyone has a choice, that's the basic principle of democracy. We call to responsibility! Please be intelligent in making choices in your life!

How did this project come about?

Here is how it was.

I worked hard and had several projects at the same time. My family spent 3 months on vacation on the sea. I've lived alone all that time. Every day I came home late in the evening after my damn work, and was so tired. Sometimes I wanted to chat with someone, to get away, drink something and relax. I needed a complete stranger for talking, someone not related to me, my family and my business. Drinking at home alone, even have a little drink, is a bad form. But after hard work in late evening I had neither the time nor the power to go somewhere to drink and chill out. I didn't want to bother my friends about it at that late time also. "Friends" of Facebook and phone contacts could get the message not correct, and I not want to be a gossip hero. In those moments I definitely knew, not only me, but there are many people among 7.5 billion having the same feelings and desires. The world is vast and diverse!

Another example: I have a friend (not only one) who travels a lot and moves all around the world. Airplanes, trains, transit zones, unknown countries, unfamiliar people, etc. Sometimes he wishes to find someone in this new country, who can meet him and help there, with whom he'll can to hang out. But, how can he find him? And how get to know him closely? How can he establish emotional and psychological contact with this person? It happens all the time, with everybody. Millions of people face with it every day. If I have a thing, the others do have. And so we created an idea to produce this application - the first and exclusive online bar - "The Boozer". You always will find someone there, with whom you can just talk, hang out and relax, or drink a little and planning you upcoming travel or business trip. You'll communicate absolutely freely and effortlessly here. Why am I telling you all this?! Run "The Boozer" and you'll see! My another friend liked that idea. He is a traveler also and has many business trips. Man of the world, he knows how program a little. He got excited and joined the project also. He've been through a lot of technical documentation on different programming, server part etc. We've created all by ourselves: concept, design, all the software code, server part and all marketing materials (pictures, videos, audios, letters, descriptions, databases of promotion channels, etc.). We've tested it previously with friends and relatives (alpha testing). We worked on the project for about 1.5 year. Today we accompany, support and develop the application ourselves.

So, assuming what's the app about?

"The Boozer" - find a companion with whom you can share a drink online! There are many of these like you here. They have the same desire and need - to talk with drink. You don't need to bother and shy when you are finding a companion. Just launch the app, find him/her, fill up you glass and talk. This is a new generation - the first exclusive ONLINE BAR! "The Boozer" - communicate openly, be yourself. There is no need to pretend, putting on a mask or play a role, and be different. Here you can be open and yourself. Communicate frankly, enjoy freedom and relax! Talk heart-to-heart with a glass of good drink. Here everyone is equal and everything confidential. It's always easier to be a stranger and talk with stranger, when you can't identify each other!

When do you need "The Boozer"?

  • Your hard work day is almost over? You`re tired? Wanna drink with somebody and chill-out in the evening? Never drink alone! It'll not make your feel better but indeed might do it worst. You can fix it easy: launch "The Boozer" and find a friend, who might not mind to drink and chat! It helps! Confirmed!
  • Are you down in the dumps? It happens to everybody! Don't worry! Run "The Boozer" and find an interesting companion! Crack, grab a drink. And dumps will leave you.
  • Have a hot mood with adrenaline and so much energy inside? Wanna hang out, but no anyone near? No problem! Run "The Boozer" - find a bud and go to the club together. /This option is ready, but it will be able in next releases, after the app is filled up with users more./
  • Burned out? Wanna get something off your chest? The best you can do it to a stranger, because he doesn't know you either. Take a beer, run "The Boozer" and find the bud. He'll always listen to you, but never betray!
  • Feel like you wanna get wasted, but you're not having anybody? Your girl has an affair, your boss - a stupid asshole, your cat pissed on your shoes, you can't take anymore and wanna get drunk? It's life - shit happens! Sometimes. Don't boozing alone, find a strange bud! "The Boozer" helps you! Talk through and you'd feel relieved. It can happen with everybody, don't worry! Life is so beautiful, be happy!
  • Planning a trip to unknown city or country, on business or just travelling? You're all alone in an unknown country or city and searching someone you can ask for or just to talk? You know what to do - The Boozer helps you! Find someone who's nice to talk to and can communicate, who'll meet, help and tell all you need. Plan a meet with him. The best simple way to become acquainted and get to know a new person is with a glass of drink. Everyone will agree!
  • You are in an airport's transit zone and must waiting for 8 hours? So it's not a problem. Run "The Boozer" and find a friend you can pass the time with a glass of booze. But please remember, its airport, don't get drunk! It's not a recommendation at all; my friend just shared his own experience!
  • And how without amorous romantic stories? ;) All we know that decide to go talk to her/him is easier after a couple of drink)). And it`s better to have a little drink together.)) The fact you don't know her/him don't bother you anymore, and you become bolder. Isn't right?! Well, then, as they say - good luck!))