By the fact of your registration in the mobile application and / or its web version, you confirm that you have read, understand the meaning, fully accept and agree to the:

  1. Application Principles,
  2. Terms and Conditions,
  3. Privacy Policy and Data Usage,
  4. Cookie Policy.


1. We respect person

We deeply respect the privacy and the personal life of everyone. And we do not require users of the application to provide real personal data, if they do not want it. However, we ask you to respect other users of the application. And not to fool them when you search for companions, we ask you to reliably indicate the following data: sex, age, marital status, interests and hobbies. So, it is much easier to find companions for the application users. At the same time, we thank you for the correctness of other data specified by you: name and surname, place of study, work, address of residence, other information.

2. We promote free and frank communication

The Boozer is created to give the opportunity to find someone for real frank talk here and now! We categorically do not support any communication, the purpose of which is to deceive and mislead one's companion. An important feature of the application is to give users the opportunity for maximum comfort and frank communication, so indicating of your real name and surname is not a prerequisite for registering and using the application.

3. We make every possible effort to maintain confidentiality

All information that appears in the process and the result of communication (in any way and in any form) within this application between its users is not the property of the administration and owners of this application and any other related persons and companies. Owners, founders, investors and beneficiaries of this application, trusted management companies and any other related persons, all employees of trusted and related companies, have no any responsibility to users, related persons and other interested persons, for the complete safety and confidentiality information (of any user) inside this application, possible hacker`s and other attacks and their consequences for users and third parties and related consequences.

The administration of the application is not responsible for the activities and functioning of rental-servers and server-related companies, including in terms of providing security, preserving information and user data, the uninterrupted operation of these servers, signal quality and information flows. The administration of the application makes every possible effort to prevent the leakage of information and user data and to maintain confidentiality within the application. The user uses the application, publishes, transfers information to third parties through the application, at their own discretion and risk. The history, content and materials of any communication of each user within the application are stored on the device of this user, on which the application is installed and used. The history and materials of the user's communication is accumulated until the user or the application administration deletes this history.

User`s information, such as the user profile registration data (provided to the application by the user), the date, time and method of searching for and communicating with other users, the date and time of activation and deactivation of the application on the device, application statuses on the user devices and other similar technical information is stored on the company's own or rental servers. The registration information and technical data about users, such as the user profile registration data (provided to the application by the user), the date, time, searching method and communication status with other users, the date and time of activation and deactivation of the application on the device, application`s and user`s statuses on the user devices, relationships between users within this application and other similar technical data is stored on the company's own or rental servers. Application Administration has the right to unilaterally delete any user information.

4. Equality of all users within the application

We do not distinguish the statuses and ranks of the users of the application. It does not matter who you are - a student, businessman, teacher, president of the state or the owner of this application. All users of this application are equal to each other, have the same rights and responsibilities. Terms and Conditions, policies, rules and Application Principles in the application are the same for everyone.

5. Free & maximum usability application

We do everything to make the activity and communication of users in the application as comfortable and usability as possible. For users, the application is completely free.

Have a rest, relax and frank communication with real people around the world.

Feel a joy, cheer, luck and live a full life!

We make the world better!


Dear user! Thanks for using the application!

We are glad to welcome you in our application. We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with this application and recommend it to your friends. This is an entertainment app. In this app, any user can find and choose a companion (dude) for frank, informal and free communication, taking into account the principle of equality of all users of this service. So, we have compiled for you the Terms and Conditions of use this app. From the moment of your registration in this application and from the beginning of its use, you, as well as any other of its users, it is considered that you are acquainted with these Terms and Conditions, understand their essence, meaning, agree and accept them. However, if you, in some ways, do not agree with these conditions and any other documents that describe the Terms and Conditions of use, policies and Application Principles of this application, you may refuse to use this application.

1. Terms and Conditions of use of the application

If you`ve decided to install this application and to create your account in it, you agree and accept with this Terms and Conditions of its use, Application Principles and policies, which are valid and actual at the time of its installation and use. At the same time, we always have the exclusive right to unilaterally make changes and amendments to the Terms and Conditions, Application Principles, application usage policies and any other documents related to the application that describe the Application Principles, rules, procedures for using the application, the rights and duties of its users, and the like. We sometimes make changes to these Terms and Conditions and notify the users of the application about it. If you`ve installed this application, you agree to be notified of any changes to the Terms and Conditions, Application Principles, policies of use of this application and any such documents, and to ought to review each such change, to touch bottom it. A notification sent to the user about changes in application Terms and Conditions (sent via the application's internal service) and the continued use of the application by this user means that he accepts and agrees with these changes, and agrees to comply with them.

2. Name, subject and features of the application

The name of this application "THE BOOZER" comes from the meaning of the English word "boozer". Among others, this word means "pub, bar" - a place where people meet, to relax and to have a rest, meet someone, chat with each other and drink a little. If you`d installed this app, you agree that the word and the name of the application "Boozer" does not cause you negative reactions and insults your identity, honor, dignity, your moral, religious, and other principles and beliefs, including, in connection with possible other translations and meanings of this word (in this application, all other meanings are not implied or used). The Boozer is the first online bar. The Boozer is a mobile application and website, similar to a bar, pub. We want to warn our members that the subject of our application is associated with alcohol. In this application, you can fortune upon images of alcohol and actions with it in different forms, images of brands of alcohol, and its producers, alcohol in a closed container (boxes, containers, etc.), closed and open bottles, cans and barrels of alcohol, poured alcohol in shots, glasses, mugs other forms of the image of alcohol and everything else that is associated with it, including graphic, video, audio and other materials. If the specified topic, materials and content of the application violate the laws of your country, only you (the user) are responsible for the use of this application and the possible consequences.

We declare with all responsibility that any information and mention of alcohol in any form (images, video, audio, textual information), as well as any other elements of this application are not intended to promote alcohol and do not lead to its abuse. We strongly recommend not to use alcohol to children, pregnant women, minors, other persons who are prohibited from using alcohol as directed by a doctor or by law. We advocate moderate and responsible alcohol use and are categorically against alcohol abuse. We are strongly opposed to drinking alcohol alone!

Use of this application should not violate or impair your privacy rights. If the topic of this application violates your inner principles or established life views, contradicts your moral, cultural, religious or other beliefs, you have the right and possibility to refuse to install our application, or delete your account if you have already installed the application.

We declare that the application itself is not a bar or a pub in the classic sense of the word in terms of alcohol sales. The application is not a trading platform for the sale of alcohol wholesale, retail, on tap or in any other form. At the same time, the application may contain advertising materials, links and followings to websites and other resources relating to the sale and / or delivery of any types of goods and services, including alcohol, if this is not contrary to the law. Only the administration of the application or a trusted company by written agreement with the administration of the application has the right to post such materials. Users are not allowed to independently carry out commercial, advertising and promotional activities in the application without the written agreement with the administration. The accounts of those users who violate this rule will be blocked and, if necessary, such users will be prosecuted.

3. Application Users

Due to the specific subject of this application, there are some restrictions on the use and users of this application. Persons who do not have the rights to drink and to use of alcohol, according to the laws of your country (child, minors and other) does not have the right to use this application. At the same time, the developers and the administration of this application objectively can not have relevant information on all possible legal prohibitions or restrictions relating to other categories of persons who do not have the right to drink alcohol or deal with Internet applications and websites related to alcohol. We cannot be exactly sure and guarantee that the use of our application is absolutely legal by any persons and categories of persons in any country of the world at any time. Only the user who has installed and accepted all the Terms and Conditions for using this application is responsible for the legality of its use in his country, state, locality or other administrative-territorial unit.

The use of this application by the user is permitted only if it is not contrary to active local, state or national laws where this user lives or uses the application. If the user is not exactly sure that the use of our application does not contradict the legislation of the country in which he lives or is temporarily located, he is obliged to delete his account and not use this application. He is personally responsible for its use. However, if you use our application, you confirm that you do this in accordance with the laws of your country or country of residence. The user who installed this application agrees that all responsibility for compliance with local laws regarding the right to install and use this application, also taking into account its specificity, lies entirely with such user. By installing this application, the user confirms the following: "I`m legal drinking age and rights. I have a right to install and use this mobile and web application on an alcohol theme, without violating local laws. I am personally responsible for the legality of using this application."

4. Specification of registration data

We respect to any personal data of our users of the application, they indicate when registering. We do not share e-mail and password specified by the user under your account to other users of this application and to third parties, we do not use them against the rights and interests of the owners of the data. All other personal user data specified by him in the profile of his account of this application is available to all other users of this application. Having installed this application, the user undertakes not to share to any third parties and not to use the data of other accounts and users, available to him, for any other purpose than to search for a companion (buddy) in this application. The accounts and users data in this application are used by the administration of the application in accordance with our "Privacy Policy and data usage". When the user specifies the registration data, the most important are the principles of veracity and "One user - one account". Considering that the main function of this application is to search and select a companion (buddy) by different search parameters specified by users in the profile (sex, age, hobbies and others), we ask you for respectful attitude to other users and ask you to fill in valid registration data in your profile. If we receive confirmation that the user of this application intentionally misleads other users, providing false personal data, or we have any other reason to assert this, we may give a warning to such a user, or temporarily block or completely remove the user's account and all his data, without his consent. The administration of the application has the right to unilaterally block and delete any accounts.

5. Account Policy

When creating accounts, we strongly recommend our users to use common sense when choosing a username and password for an account and use the principle "One user - one account!". The password must meet the following requirements: password length is 6-14 characters, only numbers and letters of any register can be used as characters. If the administration of the application detects the fact that several accounts have been created by one user, the administration has the right (but not the obligation) to delete such accounts or temporarily block them until all the circumstances are clarified, without warning the account owner. We are not responsible for the level of protection of users' devices on which this application is installed from hacker attacks and the influence of various virus programs, causing any damage to our users in this regard, etc. We are not responsible for the level of protection of the servers on which the user database is located; we interact with the owners of such servers on a contractual basis. We want to remind you that if you have any reasons to stop using our application, you can make such a decision at any time, on your own, without coordinating with us, deleting your account and all its data.

6. Communication between users within the application

Users of this application have the opportunity to have free communication using text messages, other information and make audio and video calls. We respect the personal time and space of our users. In order to minimize the risks of communication with undesirable companions (buddies), communication in the application can occur only on condition that the desire to communicate is confirmed by both users.

6.1. Specify the status and motto of the user. Run the application. Stay in it - it is open on the screen of your mobile device, tablet or PC. Thus, you will be automatically given the status in the application, "Wanna Drink!". In the mobile version of the application, you can choose one of two statuses: "Wanna Drink!" (similar to "Online") and "Don`t Disturb" (similar to "Offline"). In the web version of the application, the statuses are given automatically, depending on whether the browser page is open now, is the status "Wanna Drink!", Or it is minimized and inactive - "Don`t Disturb". You can also express your motto (fill in a special field with text up to 180 characters), describing and expressing your desire, state of mind, emotions, expectations and the like. For example, "Wanna get drunk!", Or "Better than a beer - only a good beer!", Or "Around the world with a glass!", Or "Sorry, dudes, today`re only ladies!" Etc. This motto is important because it signals your potential companions your attitude and desire, helps companions to pick each other more clearly, accurately and correctly. As a result, such communication should be more sincere and comfortable. Your motto will be displayed everywhere in the application along with your account and login. At any time you can change both your status and your motto. Remember that the special feature and the hallmark of this application is the user's privacy.

6.2. "Online" button. The function of this button is to find the interlocutor by the specified parameters. You can search and select companion. To do this, you are invited to set the target parameters of the sought-for companion, according to the standard user profile data. The result of the selection is a list of several selected active users in the status "Wanna Drink!", Which appears in the application window. You can view the data of each such user, including the profile and select the person you like. If you do not want to pick any of the users from this list, you can upgrade the list of potential companions. To do this, click the Search button again, and you can change or not change the search parameters. If you have selected the companion and want to contact him, you need to click on the "Send Invitation" button - two mugs with a green plus (located at the top right of the card of the selected user). The same button is available in the expanded card of the selected user, which is opened by clicking on the avatar of that user. After you send an invitation to the addressee, he receives a notification and it has the right to accept the invitation, decline it or ignore it. If the user accepts the invitation, the sender and recipient of the invitation will automatically become friends in this application and the corresponding notification will also be sent to the sender. From this moment on, all the buttons with which you can connect with this friend become active - video call, audio call, text chat. Now you have the opportunity to contact and communicate with such a friend in any of these ways. In practice, if your desires and goals are similar, everything happens quickly and comfortably. If the addressee of the invitation has declined your request or ignored it within 24 hours, the invitation is considered canceled and the users after 24 hours go into neutral status for each other, they can again be selected by each other for communication. If your invitation has been declined or not confirmed, do not be discouraged. Most likely, there is no personal hostility, something offensive and bad, because you are not even familiar with the one who was selected. Real life is filled with different objective situations and circumstances. For example, while you sent an invitation, someone did it before you and the person is already engaged in this communication. Perhaps the person has dramatically changed plans and / or status - the chief or his wife called him. There are many people and situations are different, therefore, do not waste time, we recommend that you send an invitation in a row to 2-3 companions and someone will respond. Because you want to chat here and now and you need a positive search result, the glass is already poured ... We try to implement a tolerant, gentle and intelligent approach to the communication of users within the application!

6.3. "Nearby" button. The application also features a search function for active users of the application who are near you, within a radius of several km. The result of the search is a similar list of users with the distance to each of them. The action algorithm here is similar to the usual search described above. A geolocation map with the display of active users on it is at the testing stage and will be launched later in the next release of the application. The main goal of the application is to connect those users who have the same goals, desires and needs.

6.4. "Chat Roulette" button. Another interesting feature of the application is "Chat Roulette". This is the fastest way to select a buddy. By pressing this button, the system at the same moment selects for you a random interlocutor, who also pressed the chat roulette button at that moment. And at the same time directly connects you both to a video chat, without any requests, notifications and confirmations. In the video chat window on the screen of your device, anyone can appear, in this and the feature of this function. Perhaps there is a Chukchi who rode home on the deer, went into the yurt, warmed up, poured a glass and launched "The Boozer"? Or is she alone beautiful there, bored in the cabin of a cruise liner, tired of annoying drunken fans? Or maybe there is an Australian who has returned from a safari and wants to chat and share his emotions over a bottle of beer? Or is there an islander from Indonesia who wants to drink a local moonshine "Soppy" with you? Or maybe there, on the streets of the Amsterdam red-light district, a student, he came out of the Bulldog Bar, he feels good and he craves to chat with somebody? Who knows, press the "Chat Roulette" button and check for yourself who fate will give you today?))

6.5. "Events" button. If you want to find and join events in your city or create and edit your events, click this button. It can be concerts, parties, exhibitions, tastings, festivals, days of something, opening of pubs, happy hours and much more. In the application hang out those who do not mind to miss a glass or two in a fun company. To join, you must select a country and city. The list of events will be loaded, among which you will be able to select what you are interested in.

6.6. Bottom bar. At the bottom bar of the application window there are four standard buttons available on any application screen. "The Boozer" button - go to the main menu. Button "Two mugs" - go to the Notifications menu. "Chat" button - the transition to the integrated text messenger. "My Friends" button - go to the Buddy List.

6.7. Top bar. The top bar is field of your avatar and motto. Clicking on the avatar you go to your profile. Clicking on the avatar you go to your profile, where you can view and edit information about you. Behavior rules in app.

6.8. The application does not allow offensive speech, abuse, calls for violence and terrorism, immoral manifestations and statements, political, religious, national, militaristic and other agitation, incitement of interethnic, ideological, religious, interfaith, political enmity, propaganda of antisocial structure and lifestyle, use of drugs and other substances that impair human health, abuse of smoking and alcohol, calls for unrest, hatred of people, animals, manifestations of disrespect to the person, the humiliation of the poor, discrimination of the sexes and genders, of the different nationalities and faiths, personal life views, well-established principles and beliefs. In case of violation of this rule, the account will be blocked by the administration of the application, and its owner may be prosecuted under the current legislation.

6.9. Users of this application and any other persons are strictly prohibited to carry out any commercial activity in this application without written consent from its administration, such as advertising, selling, promoting and distributing any goods, brands, products, services, special knowledge and the like. Commercial activity within the application is the exclusive right of administration of the application. Third parties and users can only do this by prior written agreement with the administration of the application. In case of violation of this rule, the account of such user will be immediately blocked by the administration of the application, and its owner may be prosecuted under the current legislation. The same applies to any third parties.

6.10. Users of the application are strictly prohibited to make any mass distribution of messages with any information, especially not directly related to the search for the buddies for the purpose of communication. Such actions will be regarded as SPAM. If such actions are detected, the administration has the right to block this account.

6.11. You have the opportunity to complain to another user by clicking the "Complaint" button in the profile of the such user. Such a user receives an automatic system notification with a warning regarding the fact of a complaint. But, without detailing the essence and without information about the initiator of the complaint. The response letter from the user to the administration in this case is not provided. If within 30 calendar days any user has typed a total of 5 complaints, his account will be automatically blocked. The user will receive a system notification from the administration of the application about it. The user has the opportunity to write a letter asking for unlocking his account. To do this, create and send their justification on the merits (language - English). The length of such a letter should not exceed 1500 characters in total. We recommend briefly and in simple words to describe the essence of your request. Without words of greeting and other unnecessary information that is not relevant to the subject matter. The administration of the application decides on such an application unilaterally and informs the user about this by a system notification or message. Such a decision is not subject to discussion and appeal. We kindly ask you to be respectful to other users, to adhere to universal norms of morality and rules of communication. We also kindly ask you to responsibly and carefully apply the function "Complaint", do not use it without a good objective reasons and circumstances, and not to use it because of personal animosity, belonging to different religions, denominations, commitment to others views and stuff like that. This application is outside of religion, politics and ideology. Please respect each other, the developers and the administration of the application. Consideration of unreasonable complaints and controversial situations distracts our team from working on the application and its further development and improvement for you. The administration will also carefully analyze the actions of those users who often click the "Complaint" button. If the administration is alarmed by the use of this function by any user, a warning may be issued to that user in the form of a notification or message. If the administration determines that the use of this function by any user is inadequate, the account of that user may be blocked.

6.12. The administration has the right to unilaterally and at its discretion block or suspend the operation of any accounts in this application, send users system notifications and messages containing information relating to the operation of the application or its accounts.

6.13. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that using the video chat function can significantly accelerate the decrease in the battery level of your device and recommend that you take care of the possibility of recharging it. Especially if you are planning a long conversation with the interlocutor. Also, we would like to warn you that using the video chat function can lead to a significant consumption of Internet traffic. We would not want this to be an unpleasant surprise for you and bring you inconvenience. We care about your convenience and comfort and we ask you to take into account these features in the process of using the application.

7. User Content

In the process of using the application, users communicate with each other through text messaging, through audio and video streams, and exchange other information. We do our best to ensure that user-generated content does not violate our Application Principles, and does not violate the rights of our users. At the same time, we can not guarantee that all users of our application in good faith and immaculately observe our Application Principles and rules. We are not responsible for user content, the content of messages, conversations, information sent and posted by users, statements and user behavior. The responsibility for the above, for non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Application Principles and other rules when sharing information through our application, for the form and essence of the content and any communication between users falls solely on users who do not comply with these rules. The administration of the application has the right (but not the obligation) to delete the content, the placement of which, in our opinion, does not meet the requirements of the application's use rules, as well as other documents relating to this application. The administration has the right without notice (or with such) to delete or temporarily block the accounts of those users who share information, the form and essence of which violates these Terms and Conditions and our Application Principles, until we clarify all the circumstances. Placing and transmitting any information via this application, you give the application administration an unconditional right to use such information for the purposes that it consider necessary, but which do not violate the current legislation. Using such information, we do not undertake any obligations, including financial, to those users who posted this information. At the same time, if you consider that messages or materials posted or transmitted by other users through this application violate your copyrights (according to the legislation on copyright and related rights), you have the right to ask us to remove or stop using such content by sending an email to: [email protected] In this case, all questions and claims relating to liability, loss and moral damage caused by such actions and any claims in this incident can be addressed exclusively to the person (user) who violated your copyrights or the copyrights of third parties whose interests you represent. We are not responsible for any illegal content and the consequences of its placement, transmission, distribution and other activities by any users of this application.

8. User responsibility

8.1. Responsibility of the user for the transmitted content. This application is solely a platform and a tool for communication between users, for transmitting information that is initiated and formed by users and is addressed to other users of the application. Responsibility for the essence and content of the communication and the transmitted content, its form and essence, compliance with all the requirements of legality lies solely with the user who initiates such content and communication. Each user is obliged to use this application solely for legal purposes, without violating the international, national and local laws of the country and the administrative and territorial units of their registration, residence or stay. And also without violating the laws of the country of which the user is a citizen.

8.2. Responsibility of the user for illegal use of the application. Users are prohibited from using the application to commit any illegal actions, other actions that have signs of violation of local and / or national laws of the country of registration, or residence, or user's stay. Users of this application and any other persons are not allowed to use this application and any of its components for commercial and advertising purposes, as well as copy them, as well as to popularize their personal ideas, developments, their own products or services. All design elements, the design as a whole, the program code, the name and other components of this application "The Boozer", including the trademark "The Boozer" (in the sense and in understanding as a software product, a social network and an Internet communicator), as well as the image and design of this mark are the property of the owners of this application (Sergei Demianov, Herman Havrysh) and are subject to the legislation on the protection of copyright and related rights, including local laws, international legislation and conventions. Any use of them, copying or changing by users and any third parties not related to the administration of the application and without its written permission, consent, and agreement, is illegal and punishable by law.

8.3. Ban the use of other software. The administration gives you the right and opportunity to use this application for free. But, we prohibit you from doing any actions that may adversely affect the quality and stability of its work, including using any additional external software, other additional programs, utilities and devices that may also adversely affect the level of security for this applications and its users, as well as pose a threat of disclosure of personal data of users, including account data and related information, creating the risk of acquiring personal information of other users, reducing the speed of the application, the quality of its work or the work of its functions, elements and more. Any of your actions in the course of work in the application should not lead to risks and threaten the security of the application and its users, to the disclosure of personal information, should not create conditions for the acquisition of personal information of other users and adversely affect the quality, stability and speed of the application.

9. Risks in use of the application

This application is thematic. We assume that the theme of our application may not suit and please all potential users. We assume that the theme of our application may not be acceptable and may not please all potential users. However, we are not responsible for the possible discrepancy between the expectations from using this application and the actual assessment of the result of its use, in part of the application idea, its theme, graphics, design, quantity and parameters of the interlocutors in the application, quality, speed and stability of the application and its elements, other elements and features of this application. We inform you that, having already installed this application and using it, you exclusively assume all risks and responsibility for using this application, the form and essence of the information that you share with other users and receive from them for the legality of using the application, according to the laws of your country or country of residence. We do not take any risks and do not take responsibility for any possible damage caused in the process and as a result of using this application, including your health, moral, financial and any other types of damage caused to you intentionally or unintentionally by other users, and also, for violation of your copyright, theft by third parties of any information from your devices on which this application is installed, for unauthorized access of third parties to the servers of this application on which information about users and their personal data is stored. We cannot be a party to any disputes, proceedings, lawsuits and proceedings between you and other users of the application and third parties under any circumstances, if you suppose that such users are insulting or humiliating you by their actions, are deceiving you, are getting a unlawful benefit from you in monetary, commodity, physical and other various forms, are plotting a criminal acts against you, are spreading your confidential personal information, any personal data and other. The user understands, accepts and agrees that he / she uses this application only at its sole discretion and risk.

10. Exemption from obligations

Having installed this application and having accepted the Terms and Conditions of its use, if you violate such Terms and Conditions of use of the application, you will automatically release us from all possible claims from you, including lawsuits, compensation for any costs and expenses, including legal, legal, any compensation for all kinds of damage, moral, financial and other. Having accepted these Terms and Conditions, you consent to the fact that in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions of use you this application, any other policies, rules, regulations and documents, which describe and (or) influence the use of the app, you waive any of various claims to the administration, developers, founders, beneficiaries, shareholders of this application, individuals and (or) legal entities owning the application, a trusted management company and all their employees.

11. Copyright

This application as a whole, all elements of this application, including the program code and any parts of it, the design and any graphic elements of the application, embedded symbolic signs, the name, the logo, brand and the trademark "The Boozer", its image and design are the exclusive property of the owners and are protected by international and local legislation on copyright and related rights.

Using of this application name, logo, brand and trademark "The Boozer" for the software product, social network, internet messenger, Internet communicator and the like (including for text messaging, audio and video streams between its users via internet or in any other way), and aslo using this logo, brand and trademark for any other goals and in any other way are the exclusive right of the owners, is protected by international and local legislation on copyright and related rights. Users have the right to use this application free of charge, subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions and other documents that are part of this User Agreement. The user has no right to use this application (in whole or in part) for commercial purposes, to advertise any goods or services, without a written agreement with the administration, the owner of the application or a trusted management company. The User and any third parties are prohibited, under any circumstances, goals, personal interests or interests of third parties, copy this application in whole or in part, sell, exchange, change the form and essence of any application and any of its elements, make any changes to the application, and also create a similar mobile application or a similar web version, with a similar theme and / or functions, repeating, using the similar code of this application, its parts and elements, design, individual graphic elements, their layout ix, logo, brand, brand name "The Boozer" of the application. Disputes resolution. In case of any questions, suggestions for improving and optimizing this application or complaints, please inform us by email: [email protected] Any disputes arising from the use of this application are resolved in a manner that does not contradict the laws of the country in which the user uses the application. Having installed this application, the user agrees that we do not have a relationship and do not participate in any claims, disputes and other proceedings between users of this application.


How do we perceive privacy?

Sometimes one person may feel a lack of simple human frank communication, such as communication with previously unknown to him someone. This application allows you to easily find such a person to chat with him. Communication with a stranger gives you the opportunity to be frank and not choose words carefully, as in business communication. You do not know this buddy, he does not know you, but you are here with the same goals. You can be yourself, be relaxed and frank in communication, most likely with a glass of something tasty and alcoholic. We are aware of the periodic need, necessity and want of a person for such communication, this is the basis of this application. Understanding this has become the basic principle that we laid down in the "Privacy Policy and data usage" and the protection of your personal information, which you share with us and other users when you use this application. We make every effort to protect your personal information and personal data. The following describes what personal information we collect, in what cases, for what purpose and in what way. But, in any case, we are not responsible for the safety of the information that you transmit and communicate to other users in the process of interaction and communication with other users within the application and beyond. We are not responsible for the actions of other users of the application in relation to you. We consider it our duty to warn you that other users can record, save, copy, transmit and distribute correspondence and any communication with you to third parties, take screen shots of the screens with you and your messages, record such communication on any devices available to them. These can be text and picture messages, audio and video streams, and similar communication between you and another user. We warn you that we are not responsible for such actions of other users and third parties in relation to you, this is the area of your relationship with other users. Such actions can serve as a reason for the proceedings solely and directly between users of the application in the manner prescribed by law. The administration, the owners, beneficiaries, shareholders, investors, and this application, as well as companies operating in trust and any of their employees, can not be a party of such disputes and litigation.

What information do we collect?

First of all, we inform you that the collection of necessary information in this application, including your personal, is not done in order to study your personal life. Information is not collected for the purpose of its distribution to third parties, we do not use it for purposes not related to improving the quality of the services provided to you and optimizing the operation of the application. In any case, we collect the minimum necessary amount of information needed to implement the tasks and functions of the application, and you agree with this by installing this application. The purpose of collecting information is to identify the user's account, as well as minimal information about the user, the presence of which allows you and other users to find an interesting person to communicate with. Providing such user information about yourself is not mandatory, but is desirable, in order to increase interest in the application and its functions both for the user himself and for other users of the application. The main registration data of the user, such as e-mail address, login, password and age, are mandatory to fill out, because the content and subject matter of the application has features (related to alcohol topics), and there are some legal restrictions on age, various for different countries, states and other administrative units. Each user of our application can influence the collection and use of his personal information by us, using the appropriate options both in the application settings and in the device settings for which he installs and / or uses this application. For example, during the installation of our application, we request access to geolocation data. This is necessary in order for you to be able to use the search option of a new buddy based on its location. In the same way, other users of our application will view your location as one of the criteria for selecting you as a potential companion, interesting to them.

The data we collect include:

Information that you provide to us personally. When deciding to install the application, you voluntarily provide us with some of the minimum personal data required for registration: username and password, gender, age, marital status, email address. We will also ask you to specify other personal data, for example, a photo for your account (avatar), your sphere of employment (occupation), personal interests and more.

Information that you send to other users and share with them. In the process of communicating through our application, you send other kinds of information, text messages, photos, graphics and videos, etc., as well as communication with them through the application to other users. The storage location for such information is those of your devices on which this application is installed and which are active in the process of exchanging information and communicating with other users. Considering that this application can be installed on several of your devices and also, you can use the web version on your PC and all these installed applications are used under your account. Also, the place to store the results of your communication are similar devices of those users with whom you communicate. The administration of the application, the company owner, the trusted management company, all employees of these companies, the founders, the beneficiaries and the investor are not responsible to users, their trusted and related third parties, for the safety of such information, as well as information stored on the application servers. However, the administration of the application makes every effort to prevent leakage and unauthorized dissemination of such information. The user, at his discretion, uses the application, as well as the information published and transmitted through the application. We recommend that you do not transmit, publish or save any secret, personal, confidential and other important information on the application servers; we are not responsible for its safety.

System data. We collect system data about your actions in the application: geolocation; system statuses of the application ("online", "offline"); Your statuses in the application ("I want to drink!", "Do not disturb!"); sessions using your application; Your actions in the application, pressing all the buttons of the application, searching for the interlocutor and parameters, chat, audio and video streaming; status of all actions and notifications; Any other information about your actions in the application, except for the content of messages, audio and video streams. We also collect technical information, such as the brand and model of your device on which our application is installed, the operating system version, your ip address, the type and speed of the Internet connection, the device serial number, systems and other technical information and other system and technical data.

Information from third parties. We may receive information about you from third parties, from other users of the application who are on your contact list. We may also receive information about third parties from you, including if such third parties are on your contact list. Having installed the application, you agree to this.

How do we use the information we collect?

The main purpose of collecting your personal information is to realize the goals and functions of this application, our desire to constantly improve this application and make it so that it best meets your needs and the needs of other users of the application, so that it works quickly, consistently, reliably and comfortably for You.

First of all, we make every effort to provide you with a stable round-the-clock, uninterrupted access to the functions of our application. To do this, we collect your data that you provide during registration, and check them for compliance each time you log in to the system. We save some of your data, for example, age, marital status, interests, as well as we make available information about your location to other users, so that other users of the application, just like you, have the opportunity to search for an companion that is similar interests and geographical location. We use all these data to form your profile in the application, and make it visible to other users. By installing the application, you agree that the application provides your profile information to other users.

We collect and analyze information about the structure of your messages, which you share in the application with other users. We analyze the number of text messages, the time and frequency of the audio and video streams, the size of the transferred files to other users, etc. This is done in order to better understand what functions of the application you most often use, how fast and stable they work. For example, we estimate the average delivery time of a text message to the addressee, the session time of the video streams (we are concerned about how stable the video connection is), the transfer time of files in relation to their size, and so on. We analyze all this data and use to make the application more interesting, better, faster, more stable, more reliable and more comfortable for you.

We receive letters from our users, in which they give us wishes and inform us how they would like to make the application more usability. We study such requests in detail and make the application such that it maximally meets the requirements of our users.

We can use personal information left by the user to ensure the safety and security of the application and to track actions that are fraudulent, criminal and potentially illegal, in case of violation of this "Privacy Policy and data usage" and other documents that are part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this application. We reserve the right to transfer to law enforcement agencies personal information of the users of our application, without violating the current legislation on the protection of information and personal data, in case of receiving a formal request from such law enforcement agencies in the manner prescribed by law.

Push notifications

We want to inform you that installing this application, you agree to receive Push notifications to your device (where the application is installed) on behalf of the administration of this application and other users through it. Such a notification may contain information of various contents: information from other users, from the administration of the application, various types of invitations, reminders, suggestions from the application, systemic and any other notifications (excluding the advertising character of third-party goods and services). You have the right not to read and delete these messages.

Pop-up notifications

We want to inform you that installing this application, you agree to receive pop-up notifications within the application. Such notification may contain information of various contents: information from other users, application administration, various kinds of requests, invitations, reminders, offers from the application, system and any other notifications (including the advertising character of third-party goods and services). You have the right to not respond to requests and information contained in such messages.

Emails from the administration application

We want to inform you that installing this application, you agree to receive letters to your email (the one you specify when registering an account) on behalf of the application administration. Such notification may contain information of various contents: information from other users, application administration, various kinds of invitations, reminders, suggestions from the application, system and any other notifications (excluding the advertising character of third-party goods and services). You have the right not to read and delete these messages.

Making changes

We would like to inform you that we have the right to periodically and, if necessary, make any changes to this "Privacy Policy and data usage", Terms and Conditions of use and any other similar documents related to this application. Please periodically check the current version of the "Privacy Policy and data usage" on our website yourself:

Cookies information

Registering and using our application, you automatically allow us to use cookies. At the same time, you can prohibit us from using these files if you make changes to your Cookie settings in your browser. In general, we use cookies to:

Providing opportunities to use our application in the web interface, to understand how our users use our application. This gives us the opportunity to constantly improve the quality of our service;

Memorizing your preferences in the application settings (for example, language, and others);

Tracking and analyzing the most visited service sections on our site. This is done so that we have the opportunity to adapt to our users and provide them with the information to which they are most interested.